Harmon Rabb Sr

Harmon Rabb, Sr

Harmon Rabb Sr 2

Harmon Rabb, Sr in 1980

Harmon Rabb, Senior, was a naval aviator in the United States Navy whose F-4 Phantom was shot down in combat over Vietnam on December 24, 1969 (5.11). While details of his life afterwards are sketchy, there was evidence that he survived the shootdown and was taken prisoner in North Vietnam. His son, Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr, uncovered evidence that in 1980 (4.1), his father was transferred to a gulag in Siberia, near Beloika(sp) (4.1), where he was held for many years. He eventually escaped to Svischevo, Siberia, where he pursued a relationship with a local woman, fathering a second son with her, Sergei Zhukov (6.1). He was killed protecting this woman from an attack by Russian troops, and was buried in an unknown location in the Siberian countryside.

Other known facts:

Rabb was close friends with a man named Thomas Boone, who was his wingman on the day of the shootdown. Boone eventually achieved the rank of Admiral, before his retirement, and was a friend of Harmon Rabb, Jr.

Prior to his being shot down, Rabb recorded and sent several cassette tapes concerning his life aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga to his wife, Trish, and his son. (5.11) These tapes were inherited by his son, and were his son's most prized possessions.

Rabb and his RIO dumped a Phantom into the sea due to mechanical difficulties a day prior to the shootdown, but were rescued, in time for Rabb to enjoy a brief encounter with a member of a USO show named Jenny Lake. (5.11)

Rabb, Jr. bears a striking resemblance to his father.