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Season 2
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Country of origin: United States
No. of episodes: 15
Original network: CBS
Original release: January 3, 1997 – April 18, 1997
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DVD release date: November 7, 2006
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The second season of JAG premiered on CBS on January 3, 1997, and ended on April 18, 1997, after 15 episodes. It was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Productions/Paramount Television (now CBS Television Studios).


By-the-book Marine Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) and Lieutenant Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott), a former naval aviator, work at the Headqurters of the Judge Advocate General, the internal law firm of the Department of the Navy. Now stationed out of Falls Church, Virginia, they prosecute, defend, and investigate a plethora of cases including the theft of the Declaration of Independence by a right-wing militia ("We the People"), a brig-break ("Secrets"), superstition in a flying squadron as planes crash supposedly due to the bombing of a mosque during the 1991 Gulf War ("Jinx"), and a sexual harassment allegation by a female fighter pilot ("Crossing the Line"). Meanwhile, Harm finds himself in hot-water when he fires a machine gun during a tense courtroom battle ("Heroes"), Mac hones her Russian language skills ("Cowboys & Cossacks"), and Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) becomes the target of a serial killer from his past ("Ghosts"). Also this season, Lieutenant junior grade Bud Roberts (Patrick Labyorteaux) joins JAG at the behest of outgoing Lieutenant Meg Austin (Tracey Needham) ("We the People"), Mac confronts her past ("Rendezvous"), and Harm goes undercover as a Gunnery Sergeant ("Force Recon").


For its second season, JAG moved from NBC to CBS. Donald P. Bellisario had previously received offers from CBS and ABC to pick up the series, which was reworked to be one of both "legal [drama] and action". Following the departure of series co-star Tracey Needham, Catherine Bell was cast in the lead role of Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie. Bellisario and CBS President Leslie Moonves "cast Catherine Bell, and [Bellisario] never heard another word from [Moonves] - who took great delight in the fact that it was part of the building block that started the CBS turnaround". On her casting, Catherine Bell stated that she "guest-starred on the season finale in the first season and there was another girl playing the female lead opposite Harm [...] One of the days when I was working, he announced that the show had been canceled, but CBS picked up the show and they decided to recast the female lead. I went after the role and wrote Don a letter after I had read the breakdown for Mac and they brought me in. Six callbacks later, I got the role."

Cast and Characters


Special cast member


  • Terry O'Quinn as Captain Thomas "CAG" Boone, USN, USS Seahawk
  • Steven Culp as CIA Officer Clayton Webb
  • Chuck Carrington as Petty Officer Jason Tiner, USN
  • Harrison Page as Captain Stiles Morris (judge)
  • Leon Russom as Gayle Osbourne, CIA operative
  • Claudette Nevins as NSA Agent Porter Webb, retired

Guest Appearances

  • Carmen Argenziano as Colonel Matthew O'Hara, USMC
  • Tom O'Brien as Captain Cahill, USMC
  • Victor Love as Corporal Jason Magida, USMC
  • Nancy Everhard as Lieutenant Marilyn Isaacs, USN
  • Sibel Galindez as Lieutenant Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes, USN
  • Dee Wallace as Congresswoman Adele DeLong
  • Phil Morris as Captain Koonan, USMC


Tracey Needham departs the main cast after one season, and it was replaced by Catherine Bell. Patrick Labyorteaux and John M. Jackson joins the cast members. Karri Parker recurs.


JAG Season Two - Episode List
Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
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23 1 We The People January 3, 1997 A band of rogue patriots hijack the Declaration of Independence during a transfer. Maj. Sarah MacKenzie and Ltjg. Bud Roberts join the JAG gang; they and Harm investigate. They find the thieves, make a deal, then defend the leader in court.
24 2 Secrets January 10, 1997   An enlisted Marine escapes from a Navy brig; he takes the admiral, Bud, and Sarah as hostages. At his direction they conduct a mock trial, retrying the same matter. Bud judges, Mac prosecutes, and the admiral defends, as he did originally.
25 3 Jinx January 17, 1997 Harm must prove that an F-14 squadron that accidentally bombed a mosque during Operation Desert Storm is not "jinxed" after a mid-air accident kills his best friend.
26 4 Heros January 24, 1997 An F-14 Tomcat crashes into the sea after a major engine failure; the squadron has a reputation for having become jinxed. Harm, Sarah, and Bud investigate. Harm again flies a Tomcat; he helps a fellow aviator, and he disproves the jinx.
27 5 Crossing The Line January 31 1997 A SEAL dies of gunfire during a mission; the government charges the CPO in charge with the murder of his best friend. Harm prosecutes, and he deduces how and why the death took place; he then tells the court that he cannot prove his case.
28 6 Trinity February 7, 1997 A woman Naval aviator accuses the CAG of sexual harassment after he grounds her. Harm, Mac, and Bud investigate; a congresswoman intervenes. The CAG says that the pilot is substandard. The tragic climax shows who's right. Bud meets Harriet.
29 7 Ghosts February 14, 1997 Intruders enter the US submarine facility at Holy Loch, Scotland, then kidnap the baby son of a single woman Naval officer. The father is a member of the IRA. Harm and Mac provide help in Belfast; amid fireworks and deception they succeed.
30 8 Full Engagement February 21, 1997 While the admiral and his girlfriend jog together, they encounter a prankish booby trap; then Bud brokers a deal about a goat and a midshipman. Later A.J.'s lady dies in a real explosion at his house; he, the gang, and Webb work it out.
31 9 Washington Holiday February 28, 1997 While Harm gives Mac a ride in his antique biplane, the engine quits, so they land in a woodsy area. Poachers nearby kill a game warden; Harm and Mac meet them. One poacher opens fire on them, and they escape, but they meet difficulties.
32 10 The Game of Go February 28, 1997 The King of Romania and his daughter visit Washington. Communist extremists oppose the king, and they threaten to assassinate the princess. The SecNav appoints Harm to escort her. The antagonists try but fail. Harriet shows up in DC.
33 11 Force Recon March 7, 1997 A Colombian drug lord wants to deal for the life of a Marine who was left behind when the covert mission to kidnap him went awry.
34 12 The Guardian March 28, 1997 Two Marines sustain injuries during a training exercise. Mac and Bud investigate whether the company commander has placed his men at undue risk. Harm goes undercover. A third Marine becomes injured. The captain confesses.
35 13 Code Blue April 4, 1997 Three thugs try to rob a C store, but a homeless former SEAL intervenes and kills them; he runs into a nearby church while Bud prays there. A standoff develops and resolves; Harm successfully defends the SEAL in a civilian criminal court.
36 14 Cowboys and Cossacks April 11, 1997 Harm, Mac, and Bud observe war games in the Black Sea, Mac aboard a US ship, Harm and Bud aboard a Russian ship. The two skippers, old enemies, try hard to settle grudges; the Russian, a psychotic, goes too far. Harm and Bud reach safety.
37 15 Rendezvous April 18, 1997 An ensign dies while with the wife of a chief petty officer; the chief faces a charge of murder. Harm prosecutes, and Mac and Bud defend. Evidence comes from an unexpected source, and justice prevails. Bud and Harriet spend time together.